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SD Crossbone Gundam X2 guilty build
Gomenasai guys.... Recently lost all interest in my current projects and now this is the only thing I got progress on... Em56

I bought this on a whim and dunno why I so semangat pushing this on... Uhm
Half ass superdetailing will be used for this build. No movement mod, this is more to get back my mood and modelling fire rather than destroying my sanity. Saliva8zc

[Image: psycholibin1.jpg]
Got shot lance! but stubby for a SD...

[Image: psycholibin2.jpg]
Give it some candy cane plaplaplating to sharpen later.

[Image: psycholibin6.jpg]
V fin is also subjected to candy pla plate sharpening.
[Image: psycholibin7.jpg]
'Ears' drilled out, gonna put something there... Saliva8zc

[Image: psycholibin5.jpg]
[Image: psycholibin3.jpg]

'Holes' filled up, gonna mod something there too! Saliva8zc
Hope I can hit this for mid year... Zoom
Long time no update, but a lot of work done in the meantime.

[Image: gokonsen2.jpg]
The candy cane kind of work against me since the Koto plastic I used was very brittle. Only use Bandai plastic from now on!

[Image: gokonsen3.jpg]
Empty parts are painstakingly filled up with bondite.

[Image: gokonsen7.jpg]
The sideskirts of the SD is a vague-looking bump which I sanded off.
Will try to replicate this design...
[Image: m9314.jpg]
[Image: gokonsen5.jpg]
Cleaned up and filled out the feet, gonna put detail, even if nobody sees it. Lol

[Image: gokonsen6.jpg]
[Image: gokonsen4.jpg]
One thing I never liked was gluing the freakishly large SD heads. Cold0wj

Modded a bit by drilling out the 'ears' and putting some vent details in there. Didn't turn out too good though. Cold0wj

Got to quickly finish this and get on with the bakuc preparations! Zoom
wow im looking forward on this build man

love the side skirt mod
amazing mods so far, can't wait to see more!
http://ashleypollywill.blogspot.com (updated every few days)
http://iluvmak.blogspot.com (updated with Ma.K magazine scans)
Upgraded from model karang guni to model redistributor... Lol
Great mods dude...its quite a chore to deal with the old SDs..lots of lobangs in the arms and feet...looking forward to more progress!!
Thanks guys, the weakness of this kit is its charm... Lol
(27-05-2010, 01:40 PM)Genosider Wrote: Half ass superdetailing will be used for this build.

Haha... never thought i'd see the words "Half ass" and "superdetailing" in the same sentence!

I always have a soft spot for SDs and also know they are one of the toughest kits to get to look good.

Looking promising so far. Will be watching this thread. Are you going to mod the proportions?
Gondor: Half ass as to not try so hard... The more you mod, the more thing you want to add in... Such is the seduction of SD kits.... Lol Not going to mod the proportions this time, These G Generation kits really leave very little to mod with, unlike the larger sangokuden kits.

Not much done in the meantime... Work and real life is a killer Uhm Lol

Added some foot details. The koto half-cones make for a good thruster alternative than the normal funnel ones.
[Image: feotlewanee2.jpg]

The back x-thrusters look really small. Added some more pla plates to enlarge them up. Plus they look more bonelike now! Wink-wink
[Image: feotlewanee1.jpg]

Hopefully got more updates soon... Em118
Was damn semangat the past week and made major progress on the kit. Despite my earlier promise of not modding too much, the curse of SD struck again and I broke out the Koto parts, scriber and drill.. Bao_18

[Image: 12345678901.jpg]
More details added to chest and Cannon ports drilled out for depth.

[Image: 12345678902.jpg]
The side skirts are scribed to modernize and resemble the MG a bit more.

[Image: 12345678905.jpg]
[Image: 12345678904.jpg]
A 0.5 mm plaplate is added to each side of the back skirt to give it more volume. Previously they were just knobs of plastic joined together with the body. Blood0ni
[Image: 12345678909.jpg]
[Image: 12345678908.jpg]
resharpened the shot lance (hopefully for the last time!!) and added some details to the cone. The gigantic hole behind the sensor was filled up with bondite.

[Image: 12345678903.jpg]
The shoulder receives the most attention and mods.
[Image: 12345678906.jpg]
A koto part nicely caps off the back.

Now to mod the inside of the shoulder since it's one big gaping hole! =D
[Image: 123456789011.jpg]
Put a sliver of 1mm pla plate there (I used an old kit sprue- save money when you can! Lol )
[Image: 123456789010.jpg]
So you can angle in a koto vent in nicely.
[Image: 123456789012.jpg]

Hope I can finish by the 26th of this month. Lol
woa nice mod u had done mate

i more like the side skirt with the koto part, but the side skirt new design also look great dude hehe

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