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National Airfix Aeronautical Model Engineering Competition 2010
Some great entries
Congrats to the winners
Then we will fight in the shade !!!
Hi all,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Lim Ngee Ching (more commonly known as Peter Lim). I am new to this forum. This is also the first time I participated in this National Airfix Aeronautical Model Engineering Competition. With so many strong entries I am pleasantly surprised to have won 2nd prize and Commendation in the Senior Class with my entries.

I thoroughly enjoyed attending this National Airfix Aeronautical Model Engineering Competition 2010 ... Many of you shared useful tips which I will take to heart. I hope to be able to attend again in 2011 ...

Viper, thanks for taking and sharing the many nice photos.

Many thanks to all.


Peter Lim
Welcome! and Congratulations!

This is you?

[Image: P1190055.jpg]

[Image: P1190115.jpg]

[Image: spruecutters_banner.png]
Yes. That is me in the photo below Smile.

Peter Lim
Wow! Welcome pnclim! That's a really nice entry hope to see more of your works here and learn some skills from you !
Your win is well-deserved, Peter, that is a very nice finish. And your attention to detail is excellent, e.g. your cockpit framing paintwork.
Thanks for the kind words.

This Heinkel He 111H-22 is actually the second kit I bought circa 2004/2005 after coming back to modeling after a long long break Smile. I started in the 1970's ... I still remember my first kit being the Tamiya Sikorsky Skycrane followed by some Matchbox 1/72 Spitfire, Zero, Buffalo etc.

*** Snapping back from nostalgia *** The work on the Heinkel He 111H-22 was on and off and extremely slow moving (may be because the fit was bad and it was raise panel line) ... So it took me about 5 years to complete it with the final spur being this National Airfix Aeronautical Model Engineering Competition 2010 Smile. I hope I can move faster in the future.

Peter Lim
Congrats Peter! your planes were beauties! glad to have met you there.
Great work Peter, and nice meeting you at the event as well, and most happy that you could join the forum...
"Everyone grows old, but not everybody grows up..."
that is very nice he-111!
5 kits per GB, several GBs at one go.

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