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Black Getter
Bao_18 my very 1st resin robot, please be gentle.... bought this long ago during e2046 sales.
No work in progress, this kit only have 1o pieces... WIP basically just only drill hole fix brass rob, clear the uneven cast Blood0ni this suppose to be complete during last WOOB but broke one of the spike @ left hand and i scratch build one with pla-plate(DISQUALIFY) so drag until now then finish... Yawn
[Image: IMG_1253.jpg]

Finish product.
[Image: BGetter02.jpg]
[Image: BGetter03.jpg]
[Image: BGetter04.jpg]
[Image: BGetter05.jpg]
[Image: BGetter06.jpg]

C&C Welcome Em01
Let's have fun with some modo~

i remember this 1 yesterday...

nice work completing this.Wink-wink
Didn't know that it's so tiny. Very well done. Smile
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Saw this at the meet yesterday, and think you did a good job on it man!! Somemore didn't expect it to be so small.Bao_18
[Image: Bearbear.jpg]
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Swee! I think this is one of the better recasts of E2046. Can imagine one hell of a masking that took place in completing this. Good job!
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Yes, saw this closed up.
VEry nice Wink-wink
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bro one word for you ....SUI !!!!!!! .... my fav getter kit done right .....
Sui, its very small and the finish quite well done!
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Upgraded from model karang guni to model redistributor... Lol
wow!! lots of masking and hand-painting hor...

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