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Strike Gundam Head (Banpresto)
Suppose to post this last night, but somehow got problem to load Plamo the whole night....

So quickly snap a few photos with a quick set up before I go back to Malaysia.... Sorry for the poor quality of photos....

Quite enjoy and have tried many things throughout this build.....

Let see the photos taken...

[Image: DSCF8334.jpg]

[Image: DSCF8305.jpg]

[Image: DSCF8306.jpg]

[Image: DSCF8315.jpg]

[Image: DSCF8323.jpg]

More pics can be seen from my website- PM-Evo

First time scratch build such big items and have used up some many materials....Lol
But many things didn't do it nicely and have left with many flaws...

C&C are welcome.....
Build, keep building more kits... 
Wah very nice dude, level up up upWink-wink

I think my only comment is that the chest area might be slighty too big... but just my 2 cents.

Nice one man!Big-eyes
[Image: Bearbear.jpg]
*~*Embrace Your Dreams*~*
Looks interesting to me!!

Just a small little comments...
The collar seems like too big compare with the head...

Can U try to re-take some shots with a black color background?
It should look better I think.
Nice one...congrats on finishing this kit!
But yeah, agree with other comments, probably
the head = collar seems a bit off...but its still
a good build anyway...Wink-wink
Great job bro...nice details that are added to the strike head. Though the collar might be slightly off but its not a easy feat considering the fact that its completely made of pla-plates..nice!!
Great job man! everyone's already commented on the size for the collar so i'll leave that. I love the replacement you put for the vulcans on the head. Looks great!

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