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17th May 2009 - (WOOB 04, ZYC + Plamo Modeling Demo)
Thanks to all who attended this event. We saw the biggest turn out yet.

These are the photos I took of every model on display today.

First up, the WOOB 4 competition entries :

[Image: P1150765.jpg]

[Image: P1150794.jpg]

[Image: P1150796.jpg]

[Image: P1150797.jpg]

[Image: P1150798.jpg]

[Image: P1150799.jpg]

[Image: P1150800.jpg]

[Image: P1150801.jpg]

[Image: P1150803.jpg]

[Image: P1150804.jpg]
[Image: P1150805.jpg]

[Image: P1150806.jpg]

[Image: P1150810.jpg]

[Image: P1150811.jpg]

[Image: P1150812.jpg]

[Image: P1150814.jpg]

[Image: P1150816.jpg]

[Image: P1150817.jpg]
[Image: P1150818.jpg]

[Image: P1150819.jpg]

[Image: P1150821.jpg]

[Image: P1150824.jpg]

[Image: P1150823.jpg]

[Image: P1150825.jpg]

[Image: P1150827.jpg]

[Image: P1150831.jpg]

[Image: P1150829.jpg]

[Image: P1150830.jpg]
[Image: P1150832.jpg]

[Image: P1150833.jpg]

[Image: P1150834.jpg]

[Image: P1150835.jpg]

[Image: P1150837.jpg]

[Image: P1150838.jpg]

[Image: P1150839.jpg]

[Image: P1150841.jpg]

[Image: P1150842.jpg]

[Image: P1150843.jpg]
[Image: P1150844.jpg]

[Image: P1150868.jpg]

[Image: P1150867.jpg]

[Image: P1150869.jpg]

[Image: P1150870.jpg]

[Image: P1150872.jpg]

[Image: P1150874.jpg]

[Image: P1150875.jpg]
Next, the cars for the Zhng Your Car Group Build

[Image: P1150766.jpg]

[Image: P1150767.jpg]

[Image: P1150768.jpg]

[Image: P1150769.jpg]

[Image: P1150771.jpg]

[Image: P1150772.jpg]

[Image: P1150773.jpg]

[Image: P1150774.jpg]

[Image: P1150775.jpg]

[Image: P1150776.jpg]
[Image: P1150777.jpg]

[Image: P1150778.jpg]

[Image: P1150779.jpg]

[Image: P1150780.jpg]

[Image: P1150782.jpg]

[Image: P1150783.jpg]

[Image: P1150784.jpg]

[Image: P1150785.jpg]

[Image: P1150786.jpg]

[Image: P1150787.jpg]
[Image: P1150790.jpg]

[Image: P1150791.jpg]

[Image: P1150792.jpg]

More photos of other models that were on display :

[Image: P1150807.jpg]

[Image: P1150808.jpg]

[Image: P1150809.jpg]

[Image: P1150845.jpg]

[Image: P1150847.jpg]

[Image: P1150848.jpg]

[Image: P1150849.jpg]

[Image: P1150851.jpg]

[Image: P1150854.jpg]
[Image: P1150856.jpg]

[Image: P1150857.jpg]

[Image: P1150858.jpg]

[Image: P1150859.jpg]

[Image: P1150861.jpg]

[Image: P1150865.jpg]

[Image: P1150864.jpg]

[Image: P1150877.jpg]

[Image: P1150878.jpg]
[Image: P1150882.jpg]

[Image: P1150880.jpg]

A giant diorama by KGM2 - Tian'an men
[Image: P1150884.jpg]

[Image: P1150885.jpg]

[Image: P1150886.jpg]

[Image: P1150892.jpg]

[Image: P1150891.jpg]

Some shots of the award presentation :

[Image: P1150909.jpg]

[Image: P1150900.jpg]

[Image: P1150901.jpg]

[Image: P1150905.jpg]

[Image: P1150906.jpg]

That's all from me, more photos from G-man soon.

Videos will be processed over the next week.
[Image: spruecutters_banner.png]
Like to thank the organisers' for this event, the excellent models on display and wonderful people sharing useful modelling tips.. looking at the kits make me wanna start improving on my works even more! Thanks again! Bao_32
Thanks for the pictures viper!
Thank you guys for organizing this meet.
I totally enjoyed myself meeting old and new friends, spreading Ma.K poison, learning new stuff, looking at the fantastic builds, drinking free drinks....
Xie xie ni men!

http://ashleypollywill.blogspot.com (updated every few days)
http://iluvmak.blogspot.com (updated with Ma.K magazine scans)
Upgraded from model karang guni to model redistributor... Lol
Thanks for organizing this meet! very fun and informative indeed!
seeing that japanese ship is really amazing!!
[Image: 1107171755aa3e1bc3e37e3ec9.gif]
very fun meeting, seeing many new faces and the people behind the nicks, as well as the regulars, and picked up a few tips from the demonstrations too!
5 kits per GB, several GBs at one go.
Thanks a million for organising the gathering ! It was fun meeting all fellow modellers and learn quite a few tips on modelling. The fantastic models on display gives me the motivation to keep improving my skills Em58

Thanks once again for all the tops and comments , hope to meet u guys again soon Em43
Ok guys, 1st lot of pics up, Madcap386's handpainting demo! This is the digested version. I think the video is ultimately, a lot more comprehensive than what I have managed to take.

[Image: handpaint001.jpg]
Stuff we will be working on. A Keroro head and some other spare parts from unused Gundam kits.

[Image: handpaint002.jpg]
Tools of the trade. A flat tip brush and two round brushes for detail painting. A good brush is important but that does not mean brushes that cost an arm and leg. Good quality brushes can be had for as little as $3-$4 each.

[Image: handpaint003.jpg]
First, this is how we would normally dip our brushes to handpaint right? Try not to do it that way as it does not really get the bulk of the paint's essence, just the "carrier" even after stirring.

[Image: handpaint004.jpg]
We should always maintain our brushes and keep them clean. Dip them in washing thinner then use a clean kitchen towel or tissue to wipe off any residue. This helps keep the washing thinner relatively clean too.

[Image: handpaint005.jpg]
Thin the paint with a few drops of thinner. If the paint is overthinned, just leave the cap open to allow thinner to evaporate. You won't know if it's too thin till you have stirred the paint and done a test paint.

[Image: handpaint006.jpg]
Brush a test strip over plain paper. It should not look like the above (too thin and watery, causing see through effects)

[Image: handpaint007.jpg]
It should look like this, pretty even in coverage. If the paint is too thin, try sticking your whole brush in the paint bottle and stirring it a little more.

[Image: handpaint008.jpg]
Visualise your model kit's surface as sections of shapes that you paint, sort of like paint the numbers that you used to do as a child. Finish each section before moving on to the next.

[Image: handpaint009.jpg]
When finished, it should look like this. Leave it aside to dry, do not be tempted to even out any irregularities when it's drying. If there are, sort it out after the paint has dried completely. If done correctly, there should be little to no brush strokes.

[Image: handpaint010.jpg]
If the paint dries too quickly or thickens too quickly, a few drops of Mr Retarder should slow down the drying process.

It is important to keep your brush moving and not try to paint over the same area too many times. This can cause underlying primer or paint to be stripped off.

More demo pics next. Shower time!
I am blunt not because I am mean but because I hope others can be blunt with me. Only through brutal honesty can we seek to improve ourselves. Pulling punches and sugar-coating does not work.
Next up, Spriggan's demo, sponge chipping!

The kit was painted using lacquer paint (Gunze Mr Color) and the chipping done with Vallejo acrylics, after applying a top coat over the kit to protect it. This allows any mistakes to be easily wiped off with water, protecting the painted kit.

[Image: sponge001.jpg]
You want to achieve something like this.

[Image: sponge002.jpg]
Tools of the trade. A simple sponge like those you use to wash dishes with, a clip and a tweezer to act as a holder and keep the sponge in place. A palette to mix your chipping colour with and a brush to mix the paints and water together.

[Image: sponge003.jpg]
Use a brush to apply the paint to the sponge rather than dip the whole sponge into the paint. This has the advantage of preventing the sponge from being overloaded with paint.

[Image: sponge004.jpg]
Study where the chips ought to be (edges, places where human contact is high such as edges of doors, handles etc)

[Image: sponge005.jpg]
Sponge chipping in progress

[Image: sponge006done.jpg]

[img] http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/4148/sponge007.jpg[/img]
The guru takes questions from enthusiastic modellers.
I am blunt not because I am mean but because I hope others can be blunt with me. Only through brutal honesty can we seek to improve ourselves. Pulling punches and sugar-coating does not work.
i was reminded by sprigaan's sponge weathering method that i used many years ago for an aircraft. same tecnology except i used the green side instead of the yellow.

first do the splinter camo, then mask off
[Image: inprog.jpg]
[Image: inprog1.jpg]

followed by dabbing with the green paint and all over the light blue. essentially same as what sprigaan did, but only more random and less controlled.
[Image: inprog2.jpg]

this was the camo for helmut wick's bf-109E, which was one of the highest scoring pilots in the start of battle of britain, and the completed kit and diorama won a consolation at tamiyacon 2007
[Image: wasnichtkeine3.jpg]
5 kits per GB, several GBs at one go.
Grats max boss for the successful event!! i had to missed it bcoz i had to attend a PTO selection camp.. (going into insurance line haha).. will b waiting for the youtube video on the demo to be uploaded!!
check out my blog @ http://www.dxf08.blogspot.com

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