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Lexus IS 250 - Fujimi 1/24
very neat Lol

the lexus logo on the rear abit oversized

The blue on the cd player looks nice, what color is that? Smile
The logo decal is very oversized. Blood0ni

I just painted the screen silver, then brushed on Tamiya clear blue over it.
[Image: spruecutters_banner.png]
thanks Em58 now waiting for the studio shot Bao_32
sir.. ur 4 feet pic looks excellent.
except for the more protuding rear light (i'm not sure if the real one looks like dat) and oversized lexus logo.. this is very nice...
Woo hoo! the finale product looks very good to me.. Wink-wink
Back license plate a bit senget Lol

Final product looks really crisp and clean there Wink-wink
Thanks man, straightened out.

Finished pics are here
[Image: spruecutters_banner.png]
Digital photos don't do the model justice, seeing that pearl coat and polished surface in the flesh really knocked my socks off. Great work, viper !

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