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F-4J Showtime 100 - Hasegawa 1/48
(27-12-2008, 11:05 PM)king_gojulasmk2 Wrote: where is the weapons? no weapons?!

great looking showtime100, gotta do myself one of these, long long into the future...

can see the fuselage no step panel decals error that you mentioned. interestingly my italeri decals were correct..

Thanks guys.

Not enough time to do weapons.
Got to prepare stuff and pack for the demo. Em112
[Image: spruecutters_banner.png]
Can't wait to see how you put on the walkways man! And it needs weapons! Stat!

Wah seh... the exhaust area is damn nice lor... And your postshading is much more subtle now compared to your previous works man, including the Typhoon. Conscious change?

I no need to say it's nice right? Since everyone already said it HAHAHAHA
Big-eyesSaliva8zc If this is a competition, i see your work liao confirm don't want to participate Em112

really, i interested how u manage to get the whole airplane looking so smooth and yet the panel lines are so nicely done and shaded. not to mention your masking must excellent as i dun see any bleeding or over/under masking

the shading is 超攒 if u understand mandarin haha

i so want to build myself a phantom now...but also realize that it wont be as nice. nevermind...benchmark to this! Em58

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