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Modeling tutorials
In view of the list of stickies getting longer as more people contribute to this forum, I think the best thing to do is to minimise tutorial stickies and consolidate them into links instead.

Feel free to continue starting threads with new tutorials and we'll add the links to this thread as we go along.

Fresh outta the box(building tips):

How to lengthen parts

Scribing panel lines

Seam Line Removal 101 by Red Comet

Recast using epoxy putty

Making thrusters, a basic guide

How to cut precise angles on styrene

How to build an aircraft in 24 hours

Proper gluing technique (video)

Seam filling using superglue and baking powder (video)

Scribing a circle on a curved surface (video)

Masking canopies (video)

Adding Treads to Aircraft Tyres

To the paintshop(painting tips):

Masking complicated areas

Painting camouflage colours the easy way

Stripping acrylic paint with Windex

Stripping chrome plating

Max Watanabe Technique

Panel lining Qn

Airbrushing primer coat (video)

Spraying gloss paint from a spray can (video)

Post-shading (video)

Creating realistic scratches and wear using Hairspray

MatX's Multitone Effect with Spray Cans

How to fix Orange Peel


How to Apply WaterSlide Decals

A question on removing decals

How to remove decal edges

Advanced building lessons(groundwork, dioramas and whatnots):

Oil wash and filters (video)

A series of links to amorama provided by i_am_a_pe_teacher on various weathering techniques

How to make water

How to make snow dioramas

Vacforming tutorial from Pentio

Economical Water Effect

Mounting Pins tutorial

Modding a Head for Easy Face Removal

Planting grass is fun - added 28/11/08

Rubber mould from Daiso - update with tutorial for casting 2D and 3D parts

Creating track sag with one piece rubber track

Scratch Building Fully Articulated Hands

Easy Negative Shoulder Detail Tutorial (In 10 Easy Steps!)

Zesting up Ankle Armor With Beads! Easy Tutorial

Getting details parts from a cheap lighter

Modeling Videos

Colour variation using oils

Modelling Stowage

Simple Dust and Mud

Simple Wash

Oils in Layers

More Weathering Techniques

Weathering Road Wheels

0.50mm ammo calibre in Brass

When you're done (photography and display):

Taking photographs of your completed models

Common Mistakes in Photographing Model kits (Gunpla)

Miscellanous tool tips:

Basic compressor maintenance

How to make a cheapo motor polisher

How to polish model cars?
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Updated and added: How to make a cheapo motor polisher Smile
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Updated, added the video tutorials made recently.
[Image: spruecutters_banner.png]
Updated with TwO-SeVeN showing how to sag tracks with wire / pins.
[Image: spruecutters_banner.png]
Thanks for the post. Taking such photo was always a problem to me.
Added a series of YouTube videos found by T1000.
[Image: spruecutters_banner.png]
Thanks guys ! This is very very useful!
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not sure if this is the right place for this. anyway, if it isn't, mod please transfer to the appropriate place.

i think this can be apply to plastic model as well

plastic passion Bao_46. find a solution not a blame.
I found another good weathering video using MIG pigments that I would like to try and share...

Weathering with pigments

What is rubbing alcohol that he state? Where to get them?
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