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RX-78-4 G04 WIP - Beginner's work. My 2nd model.
Another very minor update as I finish up my MG Impulse.

I thought heavily about doing more custom panel lines on the legs, but decided that I'd plan them out this time instead of just doing it off the cuff like I did for the knee caps. I took an image and multiplied it and sketched some ideas on top of this image.

[Image: g04xr1.th.jpg]

It actually ended up being a good idea and I chose the one that I liked best. Sorry my sketches aren't shown here yet but I just wanted to show what the original image looked like.

When I actually did start to do the lining I stopped short though. My skills aren't quite up to scratch yet and it still didn't look how I imagined it would.

I'm deciding now how thorough I want to be for this project. It's kind of getting away from me. I can bring it in but it's becoming a bit bigger than I initially thought it would be.
couple more pics. Now that my MG Impulse is finally finished (click the link in my sig if you want to see) I can get back to working on this in between projects. My next project is going to be MG Infinite Justice when it's released in a couple of weeks, so I thought I'd re-aquiant myself with the old G04. First, time backtrack and see what i did.

[Image: image001hg9.th.jpg]

As I pulled the pieces out I found myself thinking... wtf have I done? I really tried to do a lot of stuff with this guy. I'm re-evaluating my 'mission' now. Maybe I can cut some stuff out. I'm really not ready to be so ambitious. My skill level isn't quite there yet, and I did learn a lot from building the MG Impulse. Stuck between continuing with the hand paint or just giving up and going for spray like I did with the Impulse.

[Image: image002ov6.th.jpg]

Re-assembled. Mm... it's not bad. I had some interesting ideas but... now I'm starting to think that simple is better. Scrap the panel lines I did. Re-surface and repaint all of it. Get it uniform and clean and just work with the natural panel lines. With maybe one extra custom band around the upper thigh.

[Image: image003ni3.th.jpg]

You can see my three finished models in the background on the TV and the 3 PG's I have beside them on the bookcase. Wanted to try and clean up my work space so I bought some cheap plastic boxes from the 100 yen shop.

[Image: image006nz3.th.jpg]

I like what's here. A bit awkward around the ankles but it's not bad all together. Going to scrap my other ideas and put the rifle energy pack back in it's original spot. I want to clean this kit up though, so I'm going to be doing some sanding, painting and gluing to get things right. For now I think I'm just going to concentrate on the shield. Start there. I wanted to assemble the whole thing together to get an idea of what the model is 'saying' to me now. I think he wants to be simple and clean. Light but with a heavy weapon. I'm going to try and make that happen.
Kind of a pointless post but I'm going to do it anyways because I said that I was going to document my errors too.

I was thinking about ways to attach the power pack for the mega beam launcher. i thought that I'd attach it to the hip armour and went about planning for that. Also I thought some parts were glued into place but they werent glued on in the places that I thought they were... so I started cutting unnecessarily. the parts came off naturally while i was cutting. decided to change my mind and just go with the standard configuration. i've already done enough mods i think. just want to get this thing done now. but i'd already done the damage so now i had to repair it.

i find myself doing that a lot with this kit. ive spent a lot of time just tryin to get this kit back to the way it was before i screwed it up! haha. price of testing i guess.

[Image: image014al0.th.jpg]

just a pose i liked. waiting for putty to dry. the two tone blues started to grate on me so i forgot about modding stuff and just went to changing the colours of some of the parts that werent going to be changed at all. having large sections of the kit done help me to maintain my motivation. if i do a 50% job across the board i find that I dont work on the kit as much.

[Image: image015ap8.th.jpg]

slow and steady. sorry. this must be the most boring WIP in the world haha
not sure if topics can get deleted due to inactivity around here, but just a post to say this project isn't dead yet. after this post, i started working on HG GN-X III, MG Infinite Justice and limited edition Dengeki Hobby FG Rasiel. And now I'm thinking of getting the MG Sinanju in a couple of weeks... Ah! how did this happen? I need to be stopped. Hopefully after Sinanju and Dengeki Hobby's GN Sefer upgrade for the Rasiel I'll be able to slow down a bit. I HOPE. It seems like theres always something else I want to buy. Anyone else ever have this problem? You just have a backlog of kits that you want to work on but you end up buying more to add on top of it? I still have 4 HG's that I bought in January that I haven't put together yet. Wow.
Totally normal. Actually, the buying never stops! But of course its all up to you. You are the one who ultimately decides if you will give in or not. But there is one article i read regarding this matter, and it helped a lot in my discipline. It said that modellers should stop building a "wall of death", pertaining to unbuilt kits. and it also said that you should start creating masterpieces instead of hopping from one kit to the next. And it also advised that you do the math, calculate the average time you build a kit, painted and all, times the number of unbuilt kits that you have now. should give you a picture on when you would run out of kits to finish.
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do you still have the link? i NEED to see that. cause seriously... i think i have a problem. I had to turn down buying extra weapons today... and that was only a measely 1000 yen for all the extra weapons i wanted. i stopped myself cause i still have two unbuilt kotobukiya extra weapons still in their packages. man for that price... ugh...

i just keep thinking... that MIGHT be cool... but do i really need it?
sorry, i dont have the link. just remember, you always have a choice unless there is a gun pointing at your head!
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is it ok to bump topics? there must be a purge system at this board right?
Been a while. I've been working on a couple of models since I last posted here. Infinite Justice, GNX-3, Mass Produced Guncannon, GM Command, Sinanju, PG Astray and Red Frame... Now I've come back to the G04

This is what he looks like now.
[Image: pict0530f.th.jpg]

Starting with the gun.
[Image: pict0534.th.jpg]

Disassembled. Decided to just say F it and skip the hand painting and do it the way I've fallen into. When I first started this project I didn't know what I was doing but I've learned A LOT since then. I'm going with flat white and dark metallic blue Tamiya Mini Spray Cans. Luckily the blue matches my hand painted dark blue perfectly so I won't need to repaint everything. It sure will help things to look more even.
[Image: pict0537.th.jpg]

Rinsed/washed the dust particles off before spraying. No primer as I'm the colour change will be very slight. No recolouring here.
[Image: pict0541q.th.jpg]

Decided I'm going to use some extra hands because the old MG hands are pretty lame. Slightly better than HG hands. Slightly!
[Image: pict0543.th.jpg]

Flash lines. These have to go.
[Image: pict0561.th.jpg]

After I took these pics disaster happened when I attempted to line the gun and paint the lense. More on this later.
also keep in mind that the extra degrees that you got by shaving off the armor on the legs may be nullified by the time you put the armor back on the thighs ha ha
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