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VF-1D ...custom colors?
Cold0wj finally had the time to "complete" the groupbuild. lots of mistakes...very the paiseh. especially doing the topcoats...messed up once when used an old flat coat...then when sprayed a new flat coat (didn't cover the canopy...so...cockpit is misted Blood0ni)

anyway...here is my humble and rough work. Em01
[Image: PICT0003-1.jpg]

[Image: PICT0011.jpg]

[Image: PICT0013.jpg]

[Image: PICT0004.jpg]

rest of the pics...
nvm lah,frosted canopy looks like inside got aircon Lol

u nvr ask the lao jiaos here how to remove......?

nevertheless,very nice paintjob,looks like regular aircraft color scheme.
polish polish polish . But siong siong siong Smile good to see another valkryie
Finally 3 stars !!! 3 figures club member also.............Cold0wj
Good to see another valkyrie!!

Too bad for the frosted canopy..
IF u got time.. slowly and carefully sand away the frosted area... then polish again Smiles9wc

Good build dude!! Wink-winkWink-wink
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The scheme and decalling look nice.

Nvm lah about the canopy..really like turn on aircon inside doing stuff .. he he he..Toungue
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For the frosted canopy, why not give it a light spray with clear color like smoke or clear yellow. It don't make it clear again but at least you can make it look like a tinted canopy. Nice work overall. Always interesting to see a vf-1 in other color rather than the usual white with skull on tailfin.
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thanks for the comments. Smile i've used a bit of thinner to wipe off as much of the frosting on the canopy as possible. looks better now (but no pic liao. returned the camera).

i think i'll try scooter's idea! spray smoke grey. :D

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