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Bloodtyrant's Fleet log - 1/700 IJN Destoryer x9 (Akatsuki, Ayanami, Shimakaze Class)
Finally done!

Took about 2 months due to renovations on the house but it went at a pretty steady pace. 

I really liked how rope hanging off the sides looked when I did the Tone class so I did the same thing with Sendai class, specifically when I have a lot draped over the side.  Also I tried adding in signal flags when I did rigging.  Rigging itself improved as I've learned the "correct" order when doing rigging to get consistent lines to align with each other and a technique to glue them in place without much mishaps

Anyway final product

[Image: NAKA%20Final_zpsrshegkea.jpg]

[Image: NAKA%20Final2_zps6mkpqfb4.jpg]


[Image: Jintsuu_zpsvfxfgocs.jpg]

[Image: Jintsuu2_zpsjblro9oc.jpg]


[Image: Sendai_zpsvhwivtoy.jpg]

[Image: Sendai2_zpsay7alkaq.jpg]

All 3 together
[Image: Sendai%20Class_zpsxwaeolux.jpg]

And silhouette
[Image: Shadow1_zpskcgnrjwc.jpg]

So now the Sendai class joins my growing fleet.

Gonna start my next project right away, not gonna be 1/700 ships but some sci-fi mecha which would be a nice change in terms of scale.

Thanks for viewing Em43
[Image: 20800.jpg]
Happy New years everyone! Hope all had an enjoyable Christmas break.

For this new year I decided to build a bunch of destroyers.  The destroyer kits have been piling up and around November I started to plan tackle them.
Ordered up any PE supplies I needed since I didn't want to end up short on supply during a large group build.  Ended up buying like 15 PE sheets of railing, 10 sheets of degaussing belts, spare sheets of stairs, handrails and AA guns.
Ordered up and shipped the destroyer kits and waited...

Kept myself busy with Fallout 4,  sunk over 160 hours into it and by Dec 23rd my PE supplies arrived and right before Christmas my destroyer kits arrived.

My initial plan was to build all my destroyer kits all at once, but after assessing the various destroyer classes I have I had the sudden urge to build them and place them in groups of 4 and by class.  The problem was I had 4 Akatsuki and 4 Ayanami classes but only 2 Shiratsuyu, 1 Yumumo, 3 Kagero classes so to make neat and even squads of 4 for each class I had I was short on some and it was irking me.  So I ended up ordering more Shiratsuyu, Yugumo and Kagero classes to even them all out, unplanned but I think it would work out at the end with neat squads of 4 destroyers.

Anyway I had 4 Akatsukis and 4 Ayanami classes to a started with them in this group build, I will be building
Akatsuki class: Akatsuki, Hibiki, Ikazuchi and Inazuma
Ayanami Class: Akebono, Ushio, Sazanami and Oboro

Also I'll throw in Shimakaze as it is the only one of her class so might as well make it along with this group build

For both the Akatsuki and Ayanami classes I'll have to supply my own PE but I was able to get a PE set for Shimakaze 
[Image: DSC05214_zps2icctyp4.jpg]

Akatsuki Class cut and sorted
[Image: 6thSort_zpsip08u8y5.jpg]

Ayanami Class cut and sorted + Shimakaze
[Image: 7thSort_zpsxuk4sh2x.jpg]

Akatsuki Class Super Structure
[Image: 6th%20SS1_zps1gjik5id.jpg]

Ayanami Class Super Structure
[Image: 7th%20SS1_zps0fgvatlj.jpg]

Shimakaze Super Structure
[Image: ShimaSS_zps2dqcabth.jpg]

I decided to replace parts of the antenna where I'll have to attach rigging to since I need a solid point to get the wire taut.
[Image: Mast1_zps34rmmbn1.jpg]

Built a bunch depth charge racks for each ship
[Image: Depthcharge%20rack1_zpsdiqpqrp1.jpg]

Depth Charge Rails
[Image: Depthcharge1_zpsaptfxhbk.jpg]

Naval guns got 2 doors in the back and handrails.  I'll be honest, the handrails were the worst part of this build,  they take way too long to do and I don't think they enhance the overall detail to warrant the hassle.  In my next group destroyer build I'll just do the doors and leave it at that.  Doing the rails for both the guns and torpedo launchers took an entire day.
[Image: Guns1_zpsd0eryg0a.jpg]

[Image: Torps1_zpsqunkmnlb.jpg]

Degaussing belt
[Image: Deguass1_zps8bguw9qd.jpg]

Akatsuki Class funnels and platforms
[Image: Akatsuki%20Funnels_zps1iwotxlc.jpg]

Ayanami Class Funnel and platforms
[Image: Ayanami%20Funnel_zpsqdlvpctj.jpg]

I didn't really do anything on Shimakaze but given I'm using the PE set tailored to it it should not be difficult at all.

So this is how I spent my holidays Lol

To do List
- PE Shimakaze
- Edge rails on Akatsuki and Ayanami classes
- Cut and sort out Life Boats and Davits
- Drill holes for anchor chains
- Sort out Ayanami classes AA guns
- Prep everything for base coating for weekend
[Image: 20800.jpg]
Update on the Destroyers

Mostly did the edge rails on all the ships and worked on Shimakaze's PE

[Image: Shimakze1_zpsxv1zmukc.jpg]

Attached the mast on the destroyers and added supports, signal flag cages and ladders
Also added rails and ring antennas
[Image: Add%20on_zps9aofoxuo.jpg]

Then I set up everything for painting
[Image: Paint%20Prep1_zpsdint4npc.jpg]

Got all the hulls and rails painted
All the others as well
[Image: Painted1_zpsqkoosz51.jpg]

[Image: Painted2_zpsc5tna0ed.jpg]

The deck was painted but I ran out of time to get the masking on for the grey color on the main deck
[Image: Painted3_zpsz7exhwjk.jpg]

Weathering the hulls will be a time consuming job since there are 9 of them this time

To do list for next week
 - Weathering the hulls
 - Sort out the life boats and davits
 - Sort out the AA guns
 - Sort out the Ammo Boxes
 - Mask the decks
 - Sort out the PE stairs
 - Sort out the search lights
[Image: 20800.jpg]
Week Update

All the accessories needed to be prepared for painting so all that had to be sorted out

Rear signal mast
[Image: Rear%20lights_zpscbwl0tt2.jpg]

Paint prep second round
[Image: Paint%20Prep%20v2_zpsqmu4gkr1.jpg]
[Image: Paint%20Prep2%20v2_zpsqgrwqjpu.jpg]

[Image: Painted%20v2_zpszexpuemj.jpg]
[Image: Hulls_zpspnllc8oi.jpg]

Before gluing the deck I placed a magnet inside the hull so when I make a base from these I can either have a metal plate or an embedded magnet so they don't fall off a base but I can still pick them off.
Magnet is strong enough to stick the ship to the metal can even through the plastic hull
[Image: Mag2_zpso8isybzu.jpg]

Weathering hulls

[Image: Weathering_zpswl4tggll.jpg]

So with all airbrushing out of the way it's going to be easy going since I don't need to prepare for any week paint session and just go at a simple pace on the smaller details now.

To Do list
 - Weathering hulls
 - Weathering everything else
 - Final assembly
 - Rigging
[Image: 20800.jpg]
Superb detailing on such a small scale.  Wink-wink Wink-wink Wink-wink Wink-wink
Seeing those tiny parts already made me...  Blood0ni Em112 Lol
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Pretty lazy and monotonous week on this project but I got through with it

Each hull got the weathering treatment of slapped on black and brown wash on the sides, then dry brushing to make it look like stuff is streaking down.  It's pretty boring but you kinda got to stay focused since if you load the brush too much you'll end up painting over the wash stains and covering your work, can't press too hard either.  Paint dries fast on the brush too, so gotta keep loading it up and making sure to brush off just enough to be dry brush ready.
After all the sides were done I had to do the same for the decks.  Doing the deck is much easier since there is just 1 "side" and the anti-slip patterns made dry brushing much more satisfying and you can't really dry brush it too much.

So first attempt at canvasing the rails
I used Tamiya's white straight from the pot and just basically smeared it on and hope it creates a film to cross the holes.
Tamiya's paints tend to dry out and thicken fast so a few minutes of this the paint is kinda lumpy.

So not sure if I should use thick paint or thin I'll have to experiment on later projects

Also made life rings,  0.3mm solder around a brass rod, easily cut the coil down the middle and then airbrushed orange and painted on white stripe.

[Image: Canvas%20Life1_zpswybcimq7.jpg]

Weathered and unweathered deck
[Image: DSC05411_zpsd4nggaco.jpg]

The dry brushing really brings out the details
[Image: DSC05419_zps5fog7csm.jpg]
[Image: DSC05421_zps5vzn23kw.jpg]

The divisions have had their hulls and deck weathered
[Image: DSC05418_zpsdexb5a7p.jpg]

All the small stuff left now

To Do List
 - Paint up life boats
 - Remake all reels (Plastic ones are not gonna cut it)
 - Weather guns and torpedo
 - Weather super structure
 - Weather funnels
 - Weather other platforms
 - Glue down funnels and guns
 - Glue down accessories
 - Glue on ropes
 - Matte coat everything
 - Rigging on mast + Signal Flags
 - Rigging the whole ship

I expect rigging will start the week after so maybe 2-3 more weeks till this is all done
[Image: 20800.jpg]
Another monotonous week, washing dry brushing isn't exactly the most exciting part of my ship builds...

So continuing bringing the details out by washing and dry brushing. This time it was all the weapons so 21 gun mounts and 24 torpedo mounts, top and 2 sides and careful not to drybrush too much lest I ruin the look... drains the patience out of you...

Also the funnels, gotta be more careful with drybrushing since there are rails and wash/drybrush the deck house and radio room.
Once that is done I assembled what i could and added the accessories like wood planks and crates placed in various places to give each one a unique look.

The super structure go the same treatment of wash/drybrush, I've refrain from gluing to the deck for now as I think it would be easier to do the rigging and flags while it's still on it's own.

Just a snapshot of the progress

Akatsuki, Hibiki, Ikazuchi, Inazuma
[Image: Akatsuki_zpsxl4jhm2r.jpg]

Akebono, Oboro, Sazanami, Ushio
[Image: Ayanami_zpsgusowgjy.jpg]

One thing that has bothered me throughout the whole build was how was I going to write the ship name for Akebono, Oboro, Sazanami, Ushio as the kits did not have the decal for them like the Akatsuki class.

I brainstormed many ideas like make a stencil with masking tape but at 1/700 that will really try anyone's patience.  Cutting letters out of masking tape would be challenging or masking in such a way to make a negative with the mask would take too long especially doing it for 4 ships 2 sides.  Another idea was to find a white felt tip pen/marker but it was difficult to find a pen that has a thin with a hard tip, it need to not "bleed" or make a rounded bead of paint/ink on corners.  Well I ended up spending all of Sunday wondering around downtown going into art supply stores finding this elusive white hard tip pen, when I asked the store clerk she said a white Sharpie pen would work so I pick it up after I tested the black version which made nice sharp edges just what I was looking for.  Well come home and had disappointing results, the white Sharpie wasn't as advertised and it flowed way too much and had rounded edges I just said screw it and try and paint the names with a thin brush.  

[Image: Freehand1_zpswy1fpkzq.jpg]

I don't like it, compared to the decal versions I can't make it "blocky" nor the spacing is correct this is not a pass.

I spent the rest of the night researching which kit will have decals I needed.

Pit-Road's full hull + equipment set Oboro will have the Akebono and Oboro names and Pit-Road's full hull + equipment set Sazanami will have Ushio and Sazanami names. This means I'm going to blow about $60 just to get the correct decals... but I gotta have everything consistence, can't have all my other destroyers with nice clean names and one set have my ugly free hand, can't have it like that.

Thus raised another problem, I have several destroyers (Shiratsuyu class) by Fujimi who does not supply name decals so started the hunt for kits with decals I needed.  Busted out an excel spreadsheet and listed all IJN destroyers I plan to build by class and catalog which kit and brand I will need to cover my ship name decal needs.  Pit-Road does a good job at this as each kit usually will have the names for several destroyers of that class but they are expensive but I needed those name decals.  Ended up fleshing out/expanding my planned destroyer fleet, adding several Mutsuki, Hatsuharu, more Kagero, more Shiratsuyu and Yugumo classes and blowing over $300 on destroyer kits just because I wanted the correct ship name decals.  With all that done I'll have destroyer kits to last me a few years   Lol

Well work is never finished and to be honest looking at the same destroyers every week is burning me out especially with this dry brushing but it is mostly done now so I guess that's ok.  I hope I don't feel this way when I do rigging or these guys will never be done

To Do list
 - Wash/Drybrush Shimakze's stuff
 - Glue AA guns
 - Glue Ammo Boxes
 - Sort out reels
 - Detail the smaller boats
 - Glue hanging ropes
 - Rigging/Flags for mast
 - Rigging overall
[Image: 20800.jpg]
Ok finally done this project, I end up procrastinating when airbrush painting is out of the way.  I also had a 4 day weekend on the first week of Feb so I used it convert an unused blocked off closest in my room into a kinda of desktop cockpit or gaming closest.  It has room for a chair and small desk with the desktop computer on it and I converted the sliding tray to put my PS4 which hooks to the desktop monitor, spent each weekend converting it so ships took a back seat.

Anyway completed fleet

1/700 IJN Akatsuki Class
[Image: Akatsuki3_zpswg2lxnyx.jpg]

[Image: Akatsuki2_zpso5phgwrp.jpg]

[Image: Akatsuki1_zpsieb5uzs7.jpg]

[Image: Akatsuki4_zpsvbhsoeey.jpg]

[Image: Akatsuki5_zpspvb9fhei.jpg]

[Image: Akatsuki6_zpsseqpjpco.jpg]

[Image: Akatsuki7_zps4pdpeqqr.jpg]

1/700 IJN Ayanami Class

[Image: Ayanami1_zpswt2mue9i.jpg]

[Image: Ayanami2_zps6z6lwqzn.jpg]

[Image: Ayanami3_zpsjsp9mbuz.jpg]

[Image: Ayanami4_zpskdb9xjcp.jpg]

[Image: Ayanami5_zpsqdid5mlc.jpg]

[Image: Ayanami6_zpsgeqyybv1.jpg]

[Image: Ayanami7_zpsdma69scp.jpg]

1/700 IJN Shimakaze (Don't mind the empty ship slots, I plan to put Shimakaze with other destroyers later down the road)
[Image: Shimakaze1_zpsa01lf0kc.jpg]

[Image: Shimakaze2_zpswwoeyrd9.jpg]

[Image: Shimakaze3_zpsspe0edxv.jpg]

[Image: Shimakaze4_zpsurninqyz.jpg]

[Image: Shimakaze5_zpshrviikxu.jpg]

Fleet ready to sortie
[Image: Fleet1_zpsi7caxof3.jpg]
[Image: 20800.jpg]
Kinda a tradition of mine, I like to snap a silhouette of my completed ships
[Image: AkatsukiShadow1_zps3xcvflpj.jpg]

[Image: AkebonoShadow_zpsbdrwfa5a.jpg]

[Image: Shimakazeshadow1_zpsql1o1nji.jpg]

Glad these little guys are done, took longer than expected.  Next ship build might be 1/700 IJN Haruna by Fujimi with PE and wood deck but I plan to do some non ship builds during spring/summer so probably around fall I'll take another crack at 1/700 scale, see you all then
[Image: 20800.jpg]
Congrats on completing this epic build.
Commitment and perseverance is  Wink-wink Wink-wink Wink-wink Wink-wink Wink-wink

I would have smash them to pieces midway if I were building them.  Em112 Em112 Em112
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