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MG 1/100 Strike Weapon System
Hi all,

Just showcasing my final model I've made for the year. Several months ago, I've made the Aile Strike before I took some time off for personal reasons and now I'm back to complete it's weapon packs with a few additions. More Strikes! Nevertheless I've made 2 additional Strike, one with normal colors and one with Phase Shift Down version. Colors are used by Mr Color. Here are the paint color details :

Strike Gundam :

Cobalt Blue
Red coated with Fluorescent red.
Cool White pre-shaded with black.
Mixed Black with silver to produce gun-metal color.
Character Yellow.

Phase Shift Down edition :

Navy Blue
Character Yellow
Light Gray pre-shaded with black
Mixed Black with silver to produce gun-metal color.
Cobalt Blue mixed with (combination of Neutral Gray and Cool White)
Neutral Gray mixed with Cool White.

Launcher Pack :

Green mixed with Yellow
Red coated with Fluorescent red.
Character Yellow.

Sword Pack :

Sky blue mixed with cool white.
Cool white.
Cobalt Blue.
Mixed Black with silver to produce gun-metal color.

Here are the pictures :- C&C welcome. Happy New Year!

[Image: P1040376_zps9123b3a9.jpg]

[Image: P1040346_zps44972782.jpg]

[Image: P1040343_zps07149cb8.jpg]

[Image: P1040344_zps06ab7f83.jpg]

[Image: P1040359_zps8803bd16.jpg]

[Image: P1040362_zps6234dd26.jpg]

[Image: P1040366_zps81c7333a.jpg]

[Image: P1040371_zps7c2121cd.jpg]

[Image: P1040384_zpse876a02e.jpg]

Pt 2.

[Image: P1040389_zps415a61d7.jpg]

[Image: P1040395_zps03f51884.jpg]

[Image: P1040397_zps2848abba.jpg]

[Image: P1040401_zps49afe119.jpg]

[Image: P1040417_zps41ba064f.jpg]

[Image: P1040419_zpsdc34c5fd.jpg]

[Image: P1040429_zps957930a7.jpg]

[Image: P1040439_zpsa949efce.jpg]

[Image: P1040451_zps1a6a052c.jpg]

Pt 3.

[Image: P1040464_zpsa4216659.jpg]

[Image: P1040471_zps63c304bf.jpg]

[Image: P1040475_zpse221bfc9.jpg]

[Image: P1040477_zpsd0d5e8c7.jpg]

[Image: P1040480_zpsfca3a2c3.jpg]

[Image: P1040482_zps4670551d.jpg]

[Image: P1040488_zpsaa89baed.jpg]

[Image: P1040487_zps32573e0a.jpg]

[Image: P1040489_zpsb98cd4e5.jpg]

[Image: P1040492_zps8e1a1a62.jpg]

[Image: P1040495_zps8f1475af.jpg]

[Image: P1040497_zps5ca9dc05.jpg]

[Image: P1040500_zpscdf2704d.jpg]

[Image: P1040501_zps1dd6c566.jpg]

[Image: P1040504_zpsb5c0cfec.jpg]

[Image: P1040522_zpsf48c383a.jpg]

[Image: P1040524_zpscdd48c5c.jpg]

[Image: P1040527_zpse8fc6d3e.jpg]
There is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt.
Looking good!! Paint the detail on launcher unit can make it look better, it look too plain now.
Let's have fun with some modo~

Thanks! I'll take a look at the launcher and see what I can do with it as future reference. Smile
There is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt.

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