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MG 1/100 Strike Weapon System
Hi all,

Just showcasing my final model I've made for the year. Several months ago, I've made the Aile Strike before I took some time off for personal reasons and now I'm back to complete it's weapon packs with a few additions. More Strikes! Nevertheless I've made 2 additional Strike, one with normal colors and one with Phase Shift Down version. Colors are used by Mr Color. Here are the paint color details :

Strike Gundam :

Cobalt Blue
Red coated with Fluorescent red.
Cool White pre-shaded with black.
Mixed Black with silver to produce gun-metal color.
Character Yellow.

Phase Shift Down edition :

Navy Blue
Character Yellow
Light Gray pre-shaded with black
Mixed Black with silver to produce gun-metal color.
Cobalt Blue mixed with (combination of Neutral Gray and Cool White)
Neutral Gray mixed with Cool White.

Launcher Pack :

Green mixed with Yellow
Red coated with Fluorescent red.
Character Yellow.

Sword Pack :

Sky blue mixed with cool white.
Cool white.
Cobalt Blue.
Mixed Black with silver to produce gun-metal color.

Here are the pictures :- C&C welcome. Happy New Year!

[Image: P1040376_zps9123b3a9.jpg]

[Image: P1040346_zps44972782.jpg]

[Image: P1040343_zps07149cb8.jpg]

[Image: P1040344_zps06ab7f83.jpg]

[Image: P1040359_zps8803bd16.jpg]

[Image: P1040362_zps6234dd26.jpg]

[Image: P1040366_zps81c7333a.jpg]

[Image: P1040371_zps7c2121cd.jpg]

[Image: P1040384_zpse876a02e.jpg]

Pt 2.

[Image: P1040389_zps415a61d7.jpg]

[Image: P1040395_zps03f51884.jpg]

[Image: P1040397_zps2848abba.jpg]

[Image: P1040401_zps49afe119.jpg]

[Image: P1040417_zps41ba064f.jpg]

[Image: P1040419_zpsdc34c5fd.jpg]

[Image: P1040429_zps957930a7.jpg]

[Image: P1040439_zpsa949efce.jpg]

[Image: P1040451_zps1a6a052c.jpg]

Pt 3.

[Image: P1040464_zpsa4216659.jpg]

[Image: P1040471_zps63c304bf.jpg]

[Image: P1040475_zpse221bfc9.jpg]

[Image: P1040477_zpsd0d5e8c7.jpg]

[Image: P1040480_zpsfca3a2c3.jpg]

[Image: P1040482_zps4670551d.jpg]

[Image: P1040488_zpsaa89baed.jpg]

[Image: P1040487_zps32573e0a.jpg]

[Image: P1040489_zpsb98cd4e5.jpg]

[Image: P1040492_zps8e1a1a62.jpg]

[Image: P1040495_zps8f1475af.jpg]

[Image: P1040497_zps5ca9dc05.jpg]

[Image: P1040500_zpscdf2704d.jpg]

[Image: P1040501_zps1dd6c566.jpg]

[Image: P1040504_zpsb5c0cfec.jpg]

[Image: P1040522_zpsf48c383a.jpg]

[Image: P1040524_zpscdd48c5c.jpg]

[Image: P1040527_zpse8fc6d3e.jpg]
There is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt.
Looking good!! Paint the detail on launcher unit can make it look better, it look too plain now.
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Thanks! I'll take a look at the launcher and see what I can do with it as future reference. Smile
There is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt.

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