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Plamo 2011 Year End Gathering!
Had a great time at the gathering!
Thanks boss for organising the gathering and the demo and thanks G-man, Mechaed and Scooter for the nice photos taken.
Thanks G-man, scooter and Mechaed for the great photos!
Had a great time there, learnt quite a bit there. Gave me an idea for my 2012 resolution :D
[Image: 1107171755aa3e1bc3e37e3ec9.gif]
Thanks for a great time. I learned something from The Boss, what will be useful quite soon. Enjoyed talks with some of you. My daughter also liked it very much, especially Lego session and "robots" ;-)
God created Arrakis to train the faithful.
A big thank you to the organizers, live demonstration-er, lucky draw donors, photographers, and all participants. It was my first time attending this year end meet and it was great to put faces to names and catch up with those i haven't seen in a while - was a bit of a relief to find none of you look anything like your avatars.... except maybe MechaEd!! Lol
Sorry that I missed this due to calender snafu - I thought it was on Sunday....doh.
D'oh! Missed it Sad

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