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Banpresto Non Scale V Gundam Head Display
(02-09-2011, 10:55 PM)titanium Wrote: @maxwinamp
I did not really hide the switch, jut put it at the back so that it is not in plain sight and also easier to turn it on/off. Wiring and battery stowed inside the base. I have updated my post with the pics

Thanks to this groupbuild I can finish this little project. Hope I can maintain the stamina Smile
Also thanks to Erix, he has done an excellent job in putting my images at better resolution at his website:

You mean you need more groupbuild?? LolLol
Build, keep building more kits... 
Quote:You mean you need more groupbuild??

I find groupbuild can make one set a target to complete something. Will be more than happy to join future groupbuilds Smile

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